Our Product is Guided by Three Principles:




mEeyye approached the optical industry’s leading designers with a single challenge: toss out the old
rules and consider a radical new approach to readingglasses. The result is a range of eyewear that’s stylishand sophisticated, bold but possessed of anintellectual spirit.


We’re letting our customers in on a little secret: exceptional eyewear doesn’t have to come with a
triple-digit price tag. We proudly source our frames from state-of- the-art production facilities committed to ecologically sustainable manufacturing practices, but our dedication to honest pricing means you’ll always pay a fair price for unparalleled quality.


Our optical and sunglass styles come with top of the line progressive reading prescriptions, allowing
customers to easily select the strength of their choice without making a trip to the optometrist. We are providing you with ready to wear fashion readers that will make your vision comfortable and compliment
your look of the day. Because mEeyye frames combine innovative design with durable materials, we guarantee our glasses are built to keep up with a life on the go.